Sunday, May 10, 2009

Listening & Reading: Jupiter's Moon -- Io

Play the movie (by clicking on the big blinking arrow below) and listen to the reading of the text. Pause the movie at any time to read the text aloud for yourself.

Click here to go to the complete webpage, "Io for Kids":

Click here to go and look up any words you don't know:


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Practicing Telling Time

This video explains how to use a website that can help you to practice how to tell time in the format like "ten minutes until three o'clock" and "twenty-five minutes past seven o'clock".

Click on the big blinking arrow (play button) in the middle of the video to start playing it.

After you watch this video, click on the red link below the video to go to the "Mr. Myers' Classroom" website, and try playing it for yourself!

Click here to go to the website called "Mr. Myers' Classroom":


Friday, May 8, 2009

Tutoring sessions 1 and 2

Audio recording of first tutoring session on May 4, 2009:

Summary of first tutoring session (May 4, 2009):
(1) Review of previously read booklet on giraffes. Concentrated on expressiveness, correct pronunciation, proper observance of punctuation, and comprehension of text.

(2) Review of previously read booklet with story of children finding a cave.
Reviewed difficult words that were mispronounced in the first reading:
  • scrambling (looked up this word in dictionary, discussed strategy of how to find a word quickly in dictionary)
  • exclaimed
  • pine
  • sloping
  • plunging
  • barrier
After student reread the entire story, he was asked to retell the story in his own words. Notably, in his retelling he made correct use of the new word "scrambling".

Student wrote several sentences on the topic of "giraffes", including the new word "gallop".
[Note for future lesson: review difference between "then" and "than".]

We reviewed strategies for correctly telling the time in terms of "X minutes after Y o'clock" (e.g., 3:10 is "ten minutes after three o'clock") and "X minutes before Y o'clock".

Summary of second tutoring session (May 6, 2009):
Began with a different approach to telling time: Writing out digital representation of a time and showing specific strategy for converting that into a "minutes before" or "minutes after" statement.

Then, for reading, used a book from the student's current reading level. This was easier text, so gave opportunity to focus on smoothness of reading, with proper expression and observance of punctuation.

For writing and note-taking, continued with unit-based research on the moons of Jupiter. I showed student several websites that I had previously bookmarked which had specific sentences that (1) I knew student would likely be able to read and (2) had very interesting facts about the moons. The particular focus, which the student realized on his own, was the possible presence of water (and thus possibly life) on several of the moons of Jupiter. The student wrote notes in his own words, paraphrasing what I pointed out on the websites for him to read.

[Follow up, either in unit work in class or in tutoring sessions, on the moon Io, which we did not get to in this session.]